gepj-fat is a JPEG data recovery tool for FAT12/FAT16 filesystems. This could be a good complement to Photorec, some files that gepj-fat do recover well can be recovered by Photorec and vice versa. It was written for a specific need, so it could not work for you, but you can send me your memory card image in order to have a closer look. You should note that I‘m doing this only to enhance the quality of this tool.

Here is a set of small tools that use gnuplot to display byte and word distribution (1-gram and 2-gram) in files. This kind of method is used in forensic investigation, but could be useful in data recovery for classification of raw data.

e2bmpviz.sh is a shell script that extract ext2/ext3 block bitmap maps and output these maps as a PNG file.

Some funny effect (rotation of color plan, distortion of the display, ...) with the DGA extension:
See comment at the beginning of the file for the usage and compilation command line.

IDEload monitor IDE controlers interrupts activity and general disks activity, and shows different histogram, as xload do. See README for more informations.

IDEload-0.2.tar.gz (15ko)

theme image [click me]

This was a modest contribution to Login.app.
Login.app allow you to replace the uggly XDM by customisable version.
I just add to the 2.0.0-Alpha-4 version, the shapped window support. This can be applied as well on the main window as the buttons. You can see (see image above) the theme I created for the need.

boot time logo [click me]

For those who are interested in changing the logo that is displayed at boot time when the framebuffer is activated, here are some links plus my boot time logo (I‘m fed up with Tux, so I chose QuickTime© one).

The logo in PNG format (LinuxSlackware-logo.png) and the same "directly" usable linux_logo.h (I‘ve got to change fbcon.c to change the size of the logo)

fblogo allow you to convert a TIFF image into a C header file ‘linux_logo.h‘.

Here are some links that allowed me to use the framebuffer on my S3 Trio 64 (vesa 1.2):
www.colonel-panic.com/linux : this is the one I use on my 2.2.16 kernel (also tested on 2.2.13).
www.hut.fi/~hmallat/linux/s3.html : non tested.

See also

hddtemp a Linux hard-drive temperature monitoring tool
e2retrieve an ext2 data recovery utility